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Crossing the street in Vietnam 🇻🇳

Haiphong, Vietnam

The constant flow of traffic makes it to cross a road in Vietnam a special experience. How to cross the streets in Vietnam - this is your guide.

You've just landed in Vietnam, checked into the hotel and now you want to explore the city. After strolling around for some time you see the nice little coffee shop on the other side of the road. What better way to start your holiday then with a delicious Vietnamese coffee. You look to where to cross the street and then... you are stuck. Welcome to Vietnam.

Let the traffic flow.

Traffic in Vietnam's main cities is stressful. Scooters, Motorbikes, undefined vehicles, cars, buses and trucks move along the streets in endless supply. The traffic law permits pedestrians to cross roads at Zebra crossings, traffic lights and when it is deemed to be safe to cross. But in reality the traffic never stops.

The best way to start is to observe the traffic. Usually you can start to walk right away but when you are new to it it does makes sense to wait until a little opening appears. Then walk slowly but steady onto the street. Watch to the left and to the right because vehicles come from both sides. Sometimes it's easier to cross straight to the other side and sometimes at an angle, just find and go with the flow. Don't stop or turn around abruptly and let the drivers anticipate your movements. The amazing part of traffic in Vietnam is that it flows like a magic river. The drivers will move around you like water does. Most of the times the drivers will look out for what is ahead of them because an accident in Vietnam can be costly for the parties involved and nobody wants to have a injured person or worse on his conscience.

crossing a street in vietnam

You'll have to swim through the traffic river to cross a street in Vietnam

To make it easier here are some tips for you. Raise your hand to make you more visible to the drivers. Let buses and trucks pass by before you start to cross as this kind of vehicles normally doesn't stop for anything. If you see a local cross the street just shadow him. Walk beside him not behind to occupy as little space as possible on the road. dear reader you should be able to get unstuck and enjoy the amazing Vietnamese coffee.

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