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Renting a bike can be stressful. But we make it as easy as it gets. Rent a Bicycle, rent a Motorbike or rent a Scooter, just choose and you are on your way.

Short term and long term rents are available. Our offers include Helmets, Locks and Rain Coats. The longer the rental time, the bigger is the discount. For more informations and a dedicated FAQ section scroll down.


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Price Overview


    1 DAY: 60.000
    1 WEEK: 260.000 VND
    1 MONTH: 800.000 VND
    DEPOSIT: 1.500.000 VND or Passport

  • RENT A MOTORBIKE (Auto, Manual, 150 - 155, ABS)

    1 DAY: 250.000 VND
    1 WEEK: 1.250.000 VND
    1 MONTH: 3.500.000 VND
    DEPOSIT: 5.000.000 VND or Passport

  • RENT A MOTORBIKE (Auto, Manual, 150 - 155, NO ABS)

    1 DAY: 150.000 VND
    1 WEEK: 750.000 VND
    1 MONTH: 2.000.000 VND
    DEPOSIT: 3.000.000 VND or Passport

You can call or message us (+84 (0) 90 219 71 60 - Whatsapp, Zalo, SMS) and pay in cash when you pick up your ride.

Or reserve your ride here. Tell us what you need as detailed as possible, ie. what ride, pick up date, duration, how many rides etc.
After receiving your request we will send you a detailed information & booking form where you can check that the provided informations are correct.
And if you decide to use our services, the payment options like Crypto currencies, Credit/Debit cards and Paypal are included in the form.

Inquire about your Rides


Can you give me a basic training on how to handle a bike? We can show you how to use a motorbike. But we cannot take any responsibility for you while we teach you and not afterwards when you hit the streets. While it is easy to learn how to handle a bike it is not a good option to learn how to drive within the Vietnamese traffic. We have some off roads nearby where you can practice.

Can i use my national or international drivers licence? Your national drivers licence is not valid, the international drivers licence together with the national license should be valid. "Should be" because in some areas the police men are not quite up to date with new laws or changes. Until recently Vietnam required that you have a Vietnamese drivers licence when you drive a vehicle in the country. Most foreigners in Vietnam don't have a drivers licence. In the rare case that you get stopped by police they will fine you between 15USD and 150 USD for failing to produce a licence if you agree to pay on the spot. Otherwise the vehicle will be impounded for a week and a fine will be issued.

What to do when i get stopped by police? First of all be polite and greet them, "xin chào". Then you should take the keys out of the bike so nobody can take it away. The paper for the bike (Proof of Ownership) is the rental contract. Show them your passport if they ask for it but don't give it away. Don't try to run or drive away. In general don't act stupid and don't argue with them.

What about theft or loss of a bike? Since insurance for this kind of incident is impossible to get in Vietnam you are responsable for the costs. A part of it is covered by the Deposit, the rest, if any, must be paid at our office or per card before leaving the country.
Advise: Park your hired bike always where you see a parking guide in a blue shirt. Always take off the keys from the rented motorcycle or scooter, even if you leave only for very short stints! Use the lock for your hired bicycle and take off all removable gadgets like air pump, headlights and so on.

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